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Our Transport & Logistics team attended TOC Europe in Rotterdam, where industry leaders from all over the world gathered to present the latest developments in transport and logistics.

Our Transport & Logistics team visited Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam, which exceeded all expectations - with record attendance and networking at its peak.

Last Friday, our E4M team successfully held a teambuilding event, which was attended by teams from Slovenia and Croatia. The team building took place in Žminje, where our Croatian company Actual I.T. is based.

Our company Actual BH in Sarajevo presented a revolutionary solution DLMD - the Decentralised Last Mile Delivery project, a solution suitable for the logistics industry that could transform last mile delivery and bring a new era of efficiency and convenience. 
This car-sharing system turns every parked vehicle into a convenient parcel locker. This is beneficial for all parties involved: from the courier to the vehicle owners and the customers themselves. Erdis Škrgić, Managing Director of Actual BH d.o.o., explains more about this topic in the following interview.

On Youth Day, the Actual I.T. Group, which includes UnistarPRO, PRO.astec, Itelis, and Actual I.T., organized an unforgettable picnic for business partners.

We visited Munich, the largest trade fair for transport and logistics, which brings together experts and decision-makers from the logistics, telematics, and transport industries from all over the world. This trade fair addresses key issues affecting the industry and showcases new innovations with great potential for the future.

Public tender for the "Establishment of a National Maritime Single Window (NMSW)" in Montenegro

Public tender for the "Establishment of a National Maritime Single Window (NMSW)" in Montenegro

Actual I.T. Group is the perfect choice for anyone looking for comprehensive IT solutions for their business. As a group of companies, we have expertise in systems integration in the business areas of transport and logistics, port systems, and the management of large supply chains. We also provide comprehensive solutions in the implementation and integration of SAP business software in various industries, consulting services, integration, maintenance, monitoring, and management of ICT systems, as well as services and solutions in the field of information and cyber security.

The new partnership with the Port of Durrës in Albania, which has been active since October, includes the implementation of a basic PCS module with ship and cargo information modules. This is the blueprint for a new national port community information system - PCS, which will cover basic modules, ship notifications, and cargo operations in Phase 1.

Port Bar in Montenegro is our long-term partner. We have already computerized basic processes among the port community. Based on good cooperation, we have recently signed two more contracts with them to upgrade the existing PCS (Port Community System). This will include the development of a new module for communication with customs, mobile services and permits for the control of persons, and the upgrade of the reporting module in the port.

27.10.2022 09:18
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