Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 66 22 700 
Support +386 1 475 55 55


Co-create the future of IT

Taking care of employee development
Knowledge gives us an edge and an advantage. Knowledge keeps us high above mediocrity, it gives us confidence in our abilities. With knowledge, we can build the future we wish for. That's why in the Actual IT group, knowledge is always at hand, and we enable our employees to access new skills through regular training, thus expanding their horizons and co-shaping the future of IT... Join us
We are a team
Years of experience have taught us that we are always stronger together. We make sure to provide a good team atmosphere, together we overcome challenges, stand united when it's hard, and laugh together when times are good. Preferably at one of our regular picnics or social events.
Dynamic, adaptable and flexible
The IT world is turning fast. Only those who live it know how quickly it changes. And in this fast-changing world we feel just fine because we know how to adapt to it. We adjust schedules and work processes to our wishes and the IT challenges that drive our world at the time.
Health and well-being friendly
The fact is, we're not just family-friendly. We are kind to everyone, because we understand our ever-dynamic modern life, one which inspires us, fills us with love and gives us the energy to do everything with passion and that makes us happy. We know how to adapt to life and listen to the needs of each individual in our team.
Why are we the right choice for you?
  • We operate in a forward-looking industry
  • We maintain a high level of expertise and multi-disciplinarity
  • We work in a lean and agile organization with an energetic team spirit
  • We systematically invest in the development of employees
  • We are a diverse, multigenerational, creative, motivated and driven team, one with a lot of creative energy
  • We highly value health and well-being

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Supporting young people in their first career steps through:


  • possibility of internship for students and pupils;
  • scholarships; 
  • possibility of a student part-time job;
  • preparation of diploma theses and mentoring.


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Create the future of IT with us and become part of our large team of IT professionals.


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