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Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
Support +386 1 475 55 55
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Support +386 1 475 55 55


Care for safe
business operations


Entrust the security of your information environment to experts who keep up with the latest trends and can provide you with expert knowledge and support.


Our products
and services


Our certified security experts successfully cope with these kinds of challenges...


... and have many years of experience in conducting security inspections. We offer the following products:


  • Business organization

  • Service management

  • Business continuity

  • Project management

  • Information systems revisions

Business organization

Knowledge is the key to success. Find the hidden reserves within your own organization.

We provide you with a superior business process management service and quality management.

Service management

We provide a comprehensive approach through various activities, all at different levels of operation.

Don't worry, we're here for you. We establish an ITSM model, help with SD establishment, deploy OmniTracker, DPOaaS and CISOaaS tools.

Business continuity

Managing security incidents is far from a simple task.

You can rely on our extensive experience in the field of establishment and planning of SUNP, BIA, NP qualification verification.

Project management

We believe project management is a professional competence.

We offer you a highly qualified and experienced project manager who will help you to achieve flawless organisation and management of projects.

Information systems revisions

Do you know the vulnerabilities of your information system? We'll point them out.

Whether it's an internal or external revision check, based on international standards, you and our auditors will get answers to the question of where the vulnerabilities of your information system are. We also provide you with a maturity assessment.


professional and
dedicated staff
years of market experience
countries & a strong
presence in the region
professional and
dedicated staff

Get more information
about our security solutions
for your information environment.

Ensure bulletproof
IT protection


Trust our experienced experts for an always accessible, reliable and secure information system.


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We earned their trust and support. .

We provide our clients with high-quality and comprehensive solutions in partnership with leading manufacturers of hardware, systems and user software. As a technological or consulting partner, we cooperate employing:

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Create the future of IT with us and become part of our large team of IT professionals.


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