Unistar PRO is a proud sponsor of the U21 European Championship

In the company Unistar LC d.o.o. we are proud to have become one of the four national sponsors of the European U21 Championship in Slovenia and Hungary.

With our innovative solutions in the field of information technology, we will help to effectively transmit the football spectacle to spectators and together raise the Slovenian flag as a sign of support and pride for our young football players.


The European Under-21 Football Championship is one of the biggest sporting competitions in our history. With this, Slovenia once again proves its international validity as an excellent organizer of sports events, and the Football Association of Slovenia its reputation in the European football family.Sponsorship is also an excellent opportunity for our company to show all stakeholders the value of our products and services, as well as the obligation to justify the trust shown to us by both the Football Association of Slovenia and UEFA.


The championship will be played in two parts. In the first part, which starts on March 24, Slovenia will play matches against Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic in the group stage. Slovenia hosts the first part in Koper, Ljubljana, Celje and Maribor. The second part, which will take place at the end of May and the beginning of June, will be followed by elimination fights, where, we believe, our boys will also play. The highlight of the championship will be the final match on June 6 at the stadium in Stožice.


'The domestic European Under-21 Championship represents the biggest organizational bite for the Football Association in its history. The demands and expectations of the entire football public, led by Uefa, are extremely high, said the president of the NHS, Radenko Mijatović. 'Without our partners, we would not have been able to carry out such an organizational task, so I am even more happy that the project, one of the largest in the history of Slovenia, was joined by Unistar Pro, with which we are already more than successful in national team matches. therefore, I am convinced that we will upgrade our cooperation through the championship and together successfully carry out the European Championship, 'added Mijatović.


"At Unistar PRO, we consider it a great honor to be part of such an important and resounding project as the U21 European Football Championship, together with the Football Association of Slovenia and UEFA," said Unistar PRO CEO Marko Milotič, explaining: "We regularly work together with Football The Association in the matches of the Slovenian national team so we have a lot of experience and knowledge with the highest level match, which we will now transfer and upgrade with such an elite competition.


'In our company Unistar PRO we strive for business excellence in all areas of our work and we have a lot in common with top athletes. I believe that we will be successful in the championship with joint strengths and values, both in organizing the competition off the field and in the sports field on the field, 'added Milotič.


The company also joins the action of the Football Association of Slovenia entitled »Raising the flag of Slovenia«, in which we participated on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, when the Slovenian youth football team plaied the opening match of the championship in Celje, and in Stožice the national team will host world runners-up by hoisting flags and other Slovenian symbols, encouraging our footballers and also feeling at least part of the fan experience.



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