dir. David Bevc


Sebastjan Birk

Head of advanced infrastructure solutions

Tel:    01 4755 541

Faks: 01 4755 600


Alen Jamšek

Head of network solutions, PRO.Stream

Tel:    01 4755 531

Faks: 01 4755 600


Mare Selan

Head of managment and monitoring of IT solutions

Tel:    01 4755 533

Faks: 01 4755 600


Miha Kerin

Head of Cloud solutions and services

Faks: 01 4755 600


dir. Rony Plevnik


Marko Zavadlav

Head of PRO.Astec

Tel:    01 4 755 580

Faks: 01 4755 600


Monika Varkonji Šajn

ITSM consultant

Tel:    01 4755 527

Faks: 01 4755 600



Amel Miskić

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