Information Security Management


The system for Information Security Management (hereinafter referred to as SUVI) is a solution with which we solve the challenges of information security. It contains various security and data management mechanisms, which includes ensuring availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. The implementation of a high standard of information security is intended for all organisations using internal and/or external computing systems and are storing confidential and personal data of clients and organisations, and which business processes are literally dependent on a reliable operation of information systems. Among such organisations are; hospitals and other medical institutions, pharmacies, bank institutions, companies from information technology, financial institutions and insurance companies, schools, universities, and advanced manufacturing companies, tax offices and many other organisations and companies.


information security (PRO.Astec)

Are you among those who daily receive messages about security risks when an application installed on you computers wants to make auto-updates? Is your browser asking you if you accept the risk, when you open a web page protected with an untrusted certificate? While filling out a questionnaire, do you agree that the provider manages your personal data according to the legislation?
These are all parts of information security that we come across in companies and organizations. Its scope is very wide; from the technical part of network protection to the documentary part of sensitive and confidential data protection.
We take care of both aspects of information security. With security assessment, we assess the level of information security, and with implementation of advanced security solutions, we provide a secure IT environment that will not show vulnerabilities at the next security assessment. Implemented management systems such as ISO/IEC 27001 and regular monitoring of execution of security policies with a specialized tool, help achieving a high level of information security also on the business level, thus increasing you reputation.
Security Solutions
Carefully planned and customized security solutions will provide efficient data security and lower the possibility of security incidents and breaches into your system.
Security Assessment
Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in your information system, as well as check and provide compliance with security policies and legislation.
Management Systems
Protect your system from security threats, reduce security events, provide compliance with legal requirements, and win a competitive edge at public tenders.

Secure Network Solutions (PRO.Astec)

Have you adapted your business to the fast pace and high availability, required from all of us by the market? Have you ever experienced the Internet breakdown exactly in the moment when you most urgently needed it?

A capable and highly available connection is a guarantee for your services and business to be always accessible to your customers. Secure and reliable connection to the local area network and to the Internet can be provided by a quality network access control, with 24/7 Internet connection, and with reliable and HA wired and wireless local network.

Secure network solutions provided by Astec are a guarantee for a reliable network without interruptions in the most inappropriate moment.



Complete WAN and LAN Solutions

Are you facing a wide variety of technology equipment in your network? Is your network stuffed with equipment and applications, and very slow? Optimize and upgrade your network with advanced networking solutions. 


100 % Internet

Provide continuous availability of your services, eliminate cost due to a service breakdown, and make sure your customers realize your service is the most reliable and available one.


Network Access Control

Provide security for different types of devices in your network, and enable a user-friendly environment. An efficient network access control will keep your data in a safe place.


Monitoring System

Make sure you are always aware of operations on your servers, applications and other devices. A monitoring system enables a user-friendly event tracking, and a real-time alarm tracking.


Secure Data Center (PRO.Astec)

Join us in the universe of advanced data center and collaboration solutions. Virtualization solutions provide high availability of your services. Build a data center that will always be available to you and your customers; provide your customers with a unified user environment, and enable centralized and simple end-user management to you system administrators. Advanced collaboration solutions improve information flow among employees and increase their efficiency.

Astec solutions for advanced data centers and collaboration will provide uninterrupted operation in your information environment, and save some time to your employees.


Dynamic Data Center

Upgrade to cloud and improve reliability and efficiency of IT services with advanced solutions for data storage, virtualization solutions, and remote-access solutions.


End User Management

Provide your employees with an advanced and user-friendly IT environment on new platforms, and follow the trend of mobile devices in business environment.


Collaboration Solutions

Introduce user-friendly collaboration solutions in your organization, and experience efficient e-mail cooperation, office in the cloud, video conferences and tele-learning.


Monitoring System

Make sure you are always aware of operations on your servers, applications and other devices. A monitoring system enables a user-friendly event tracking, and a real-time alarm tracking.


Cloud Security (PRO.Astec)

You must have searched the Internet for different cloud solution providers, so here are just some short reminders, what are the advantages of cloud solutions:

• Lower management costs - you do not have to buy expensive hardware
• You pay what you spend
• You data is available anytime, anywhere
• Updates and upgrades are not you responsibility anymore

If you really want to take advantage of all cloud computing benefits, you have to make a good plan for the migration.

Efficient protection and security should be of utmost importance, and the business should be migrated to cloud infrastructure step by step.


Astec 3S

Astec 3S is a methodology for simple, secure and successful migration to cloud services.
What is more, you can only migrate a part of your business and keep the hybrid environment.


Cloud Security

Do you wander how to take care of cloud security? Prepare you infrastructure, protect your data and carefully select you cloud service provider.


Hybrid Environment

Cloud technology enables a hybrid environment - you can keep one segment of business in local environment, and migrate only one segment.
But do not forget about data security.


Our Customers(PRO.Astec)

Our customers are organizations that demand high-quality solutions and top security of information system. Our solutions cover all organizational fields, and we can provide integrity and security for your network as well as infrastructure. 

Due to data confidentiality, the below mentioned are only a few of our customers.

ASTEC customers



Public Administration

•  Ministry of the Interior, Directorate for IT and E-Services 
•  Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
•  Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia
•  State Prosecutor’s Office
•  Insurance Supervision Agency
•  Slovenian Environment Agency 
•  Ministry of Health

Health Institutions

•  University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik 
•  Basic health Gorenjska
•  Lekarna Ljubljana Pharmacy

Financial Institutions

•  NLB d.d. Bank
•  Nova KBM Bank
•  Hypo Alpe Adria Bank 
•  Abanka Vipa d.d. Bank
•  Banka Sparkasse d.d. 
•  SKB Banka d.d., Ljubljana Bank
•  Zavarovalnica Triglav Insurance Company


•  Knauf Insulation, d. o. o.
•  Mercator, d. d.
•  Si.Mobil, d. d. 
•  Domel, d. d.
•  LTH Ulitki, d. o. o.
•  UPC Telemach, d. o. o.
•  Mobitel, d. d.
•  Iskratel, d. o. o.
•  Krka, d. d.
•  Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. d.
•  Pošta Slovenije, d. o. o. (Post of Slovenia)
•  RTV Slovenia 
•  Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK)











UNISTAR LC d.o.o., Ljubljana
Litostrojska cesta 56
1000 Ljubljana



Unistar LC d. o. o.


Tel:   +386 1 4755 502
Fax:   +386 1 4755 600

The company is registered at the District Court in Ljubljana insert number: 1/2945/00
Registration number: 5302722
Share capital: 202.003,00 EUR
account number at the Hypo Alpe- Adria -Bank dd 33000-0004645418
tax number: SI18917763
The company is taxable.

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