RoglIT 2020 Agenda

Business part


Is basic cloud services security enough?


With the many benefits of cloud services, there are also threats that are not always addressed when implementing the service. In practice, we can quickly land in solving and exploring unpleasant events. One of them is stolen passwords. We will present an analysis of such an event, as well as the options offered by Office 365 with additional functionality, as well as the options offered by our Micro Focus and Trend Micro principals to protect our data in cloud services or on-premise.At Micro Focus, we'll take a closer look at Advanced Authentication, which is designed for advanced authentication (two-factor authentication), and how Trend Micro Cloud App Security raises the level of security of services.

Lecturers: Boštjan Kavčič, Andrej Puš; Unistar PRO



Cloud services are secure. But are they really? - Truths and misconceptions about security in the cloud


By the end of 2020, over 92% of enterprises will be using the cloud in some form. Office 365, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to name just a few, are solutions that make our day-to-day operations easier, but too often we forget about security when using them. Users blindly trust the service providers that they provide us with adequate security of our data, which in most cases is not true. Hackers, who quickly adapted to the new way of doing business, naturally take advantage of the newly created situation and attack our companies through these channels. In the lecture we will show you what kind of security cloud providers really provide and why this kind of security is not enough. We'll take a closer look at best practices in this field and ways to properly secure our data in the cloud using Trend Micro solutions.

Lecturer: Blaž Vodlan; Trend Micro



Service Catalogue – let's use it!


Business users and technical teams often face the challenge of finding information to set up a wide variety of systems. A well-designed services catalogue can help them with this issue. The services catalogue is particularly beneficial as a basis for implementing IT services management according to internationally recognized best practices (such as ITIL, etc.), a foundation for the operation of a customer support centre, a basic structure for determining the suitability of the investments and the interaction of individual components of the system, the basis for the risk analysis and business impact analysis and also the potential footing for the definition of IT service assessment. Do you wish to create or update your own services catalogue? We are here to help!     

Lecturers: Alenka Glas, Ksenija Zupanc; PRO.astec



Compliance, transparency and trust - ISO 27701


Digitalization, globalization and personalization of services, from booking a doctor’s appointment to internet banking, have led to greater collection and processing of personal information than ever before. And this trend is growing as opportunities for new services arise, and new players enter the market. Given the dynamic environment in which we operate, the need for guidance on how organizations should manage and process data to reduce the risk to personal information is getting more important. Guidance, in the form of a new international standard, for how organizations should manage personal information and assist in demonstrating compliance with updated privacy regulations around the world is therefore very powerful. That’s why ISO/IEC 27701 for privacy information management has been developed.

Lecturers: Tina Jereb, Maruša Alice Rems; PRO.stec



Quality assurance made easy with a proper tool


Project quality assurance ensures the project deliverables meet the planned quality standards. If implemented correctly and paired with quality planning and quality control, it forms a system which ensures that all project deliveries meet the quality standards, defined in the project plan. In essence, quality assurance focuses on analysing and auditing the systems and processes which produce a product, in order to improve their quality. Quality assurance is easy to understand, but often difficult to implement. The two main challenges are: (1) How to intertwine quality management with other project processes, where products are designed, created and delivered, and (2) How to manage the data related to quality? In response to the first challenge, we will present an example of successful implementation of quality assurance as a service in a recent practice. For the second challenge, we will present an application which was developed as a tool for easier and more transparent quality planning, quality control and quality assurance.

Lecturer: Blaž Suhač; PRO.Astec



Red and White in cyber security


The purpose of a comprehensive security review is to determine the business risk resulting from the core business operation failure. Comprehensive cyber security addressing is key to a successful business. We are addressing cyber security with Read Team (Pro.Red), which aims to test the readiness of the organization through risk realization, as well as trough White Team that tells experts in the company whether they have responded appropriately to the incident. We will introduce a complete cycle starting with cyber incident, incident detection and response review. 

Lecturers: Alenka Glas, Boštjan Špehonja; PRO.astec



Techical part


IBM Storage for Green IT


More than 15 years ago IBM started with technology of Software Defined Storage which enables users faster and more flexible adjustment of data infrastructure. With this user becomes hardware vendor independent which means that on existing infrastructure they can add whatever storage they want to. What is more hardware can be replaced with absolutely no disturbance in the system and system works without any interruption and loss of performance. Technology also follows IT trends and is ready for cloud infrastructure. The same Software Define Storage technology we can use on prem and in public cloud. With this we can easy use and manage data which we have on prem and data we have in cloud.

Lecturer: Ivo Gomilšek; IBM Slovenija



Business Value Dashboard. Strategic Initiative from IT for Business


While staying agile in dynamic market forces business and IT teams to align and work together, IT continues to struggle with providing visibility in business terms.  Improving  this  visibility  enables  business  teams to make more strategic decisions and will position IT as true business partner.  Business Value Dashboard (BVD) is Micro Focus product that helps to create custom, flexible dashboards in HTML5 that can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device with a browser. In this short presentation we will cover idea of Business Value Dashboard, present examples of BVD dashboards from projects and also touch Micro Focus Operations Bridge and Network Operations Management as critical components that monitor business services and support NOC operations and deliver valuable data streams for BVD dashboards.

Lecturers: Alexei Grabko; Micro Focus and Mare Selan, Unistar PRO



Cyber security innovations that matter


The traditional security perimeter is disappearing, being replaced by border-less workplaces where data roams freely among cloud, network and endpoint applications. This new paradigm entails a widening of the attack surfaces too, leaving organizations' exposed to data breaches and cyber-attacks. A modern security paradigm is needed. Check Point enables the mobile workforce by securing all your devices and data, no matter where you are or what you connect to; whether you are downloading emails on your laptop at home, checking your calendar on the phone while commuting or accessing SaaS applications, you can rest assured that your data is secure. How we do it? Answer is simple with unique innovations.

Lecturer: Siniša Kovač; Check Point



NetApp Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is business transformation. Business transformation requires IT transformation, and hybrid multicloud infrastructure deployments are the heart and soul of real and effective IT transformation. How NetApp has changed during a digital transformation their own company. Which are the new products NetApp is offering to the customers. Why use NetApp to improve your digital transformation.

Lecturer: Tilen Balažic; NetApp



Business cyber insurance


Increasing cybersecurity for the company and reducing cyber risk exposure are becoming more relevant in today's business world. The product of Zavarovalnica Sava is intended for small and medium-sized companies as well as large companies.

Lecturers: Tilen Jereb and Klavdija Šinkić; Zavarovalnica Sava



How we can protect our privacy? Information Governance and Data Protection solutions - Comply with confidence


Presentation will discover set of solutions that are focused on specific privacy protection use cases to enable compliance. Micro Focus security and information management & governance software is underpinned by rich analytics to help you streamline your compliance efforts. We can automatically identify the most-critical and sensitive data, which we can protect in use, in transit and at rest. This unique combination of modular solutions and deep information insight helps our customers leverage data with confidence, to grow the trust of their customers, and to make data privacy and GDPR related regulations good for their business.

Lecturer: Mare Selan; Unistar PRO



Demonstrating a well implemented Identity management and security environment


We will take a look at a customer which has implemented Identity management and security solutions. We'll show the on boarding of a contractor joining an internal project team using IDM portal. You will see how easy it is to add a team member with all access rights, however there is still some human factor to take into account, which can sometimes lead to some issues. Those issues will be dealt with using implemented security solutions.

Lecturer: Mare Selan; Unistar PRO



Advanced solutions


Business solutions in SAP environment


In Slovenia, some entrepreneurs still think that SAP is a solution for large companies only. Itelis has been proving the opposite for over 20 years. Among our business partners, there are many classified as small and medium-sized companies. We support the principle, that for small-sized businesses SAP is not a cost, but investment in their future business growth. Itelis experts developed preconfigured solutions in a standard SAP environment using the best practices that SAP has to offer. These solutions cover different industries like Manufacturing (ITM), Wholesale (ITW) and Services (ITS). We have also listened to the wishes of our clients and today we are offering SAP in the cloud that includes SAP license leasing, data center hosting, support, and assistance in using SAP solutions, and system administration. We are aware that the implementation of the new business solutions into the company could sometimes be disruptive to the daily business of the company, but with the right approach (methodology) this challenge can be mitigated successfully. Our motto is - We provide prerequisites for your business growth!

Lecturer: Mitja Buda; Itelis



IBM Power 9 in SAP HANA


Why do we choose IBM Power systems for running SAP Hana and/opr SAP S/4HANA? Power9 servers and SAP HANA are a combination which represents the culmination of 40 years of collaboration between IBM and SAP. As a combined solution, they deliver a level of performance and resilience that’s simply unachievable with any other combination.

Lecturer: Jernej Romih; Unistar PRO, IBM Slovenija



ICT as an investment or as a cost?


The presentation focuses on the transition of a mid-sized customer, with offices in several countries, to a hybrid environment on PRO.Cloud and Office365. In this case, we have implemented and are maintaining the complete ICT infrastructure. We have established a hybrid environment and distributed their services most appropriately. We will look at how migration was prepared, what challenges we faced and how we addressed them. Most importantly, how the customer ended up with a highly reliable, accessible and variable ICT environment with no investment.

Lecturer: Miha Kerin; Unistar PRO



Cisco Business Collaboration Solutions - How can you work smarter and more effectively?


The company Unistar LC also offers its clients the regulation of communications, where certified professionals with more than ten years of experience ensure the implementation of solutions for electronic communication - either through the Internet or mobile networks. Every employee can be reached via a single telephone number and email address on a variety of devices, which ultimately lifts productivity.

Lecturers: Sebastjan Kocelj; Unistar PRO and Dragan Ilić; Alef



New generation of software and hardware products that support complete processes and operations on Petrol Stations


A modern, cloud-based solution for easy and intuitive use that provides better availability, security and decrease the operational costs. GL+ is built using latest computer technologies like web based business frontend, cloud computing and mobile solutions, available as Software as a Service (SaaS) or On-Premise solution. Family of product contains: GL+ HOS – scalable cloud-based web solution for centralized management of individual stations and the entire network in real time: article management, price calculation, customer management, card management, loyalty management, promotions, invoicing, event notifications, reporting; GL+ POS – Point-of-sale solution (fuel, store, service) with real-time data transfer to central server GL+ HOS, and it also works in circumstances where there is no working internet connection. GL+ OPT – An outdoor payment terminal compliant with the latest standards for physical and information security for safe unattended self-service.

Lecturer: Vladimir Djurdjič; Actual I.T.

»Smart Ports of the Future«


Informacijska tehnologija je že danes zelo pomemben dejavnik v pomorskem svetu. V logističnem pristaniškem svetu se odvijajo korenite spremembe v smeri Smart digital port t.i. Port 4.0. Z novimi pametnimi tehnologijami so možnosti za pohitritev in izboljšavah na različnih področjih, kot na primer: povečanje avtomatizacije, povezljivosti med različnimi sistemi, slednje in pretok blaga v luškem okolju, upravljanje z resursi, najava prevoznih sredstev... Pristanišča in logistični centri, ki bodo želeli biti konkurenčni v globalnem okolju bodo morali aktivno vpeljevati strategijo na področju Pametnih Pristanišč (Smart Ports). Nove tehnologije, kot so različna tipala v tako imenovanih Internetnih stvareh (Internet of Things), Umetna inteligenca (AI),  sledenje blaga na osnovi tehnologije veriženja blokov (Blockchain), dajejo priložnost zajema novih tipov podatkov povezanih z logistično dejavnostjo, kot so okolijske, vremenske, prometne in druge koristne informacije potrebne za odločanje v realnem času. V predavanju bodo predstavljene obstoječe IT rešitve za pristanišča in logistične centre ter smernice razvoja novih rešitev, ki slonijo na novih tehnologijah.

Lecturer: Boštjan Petelin; Actual I.T.


Practical examples of using IBM Qradar solutions


Unistar is actively working with customers helping them to implement and maintain their IT environment secure. With help of IBM QRadar, the leading SIEM tool, we will show how some sample security breaches and anomalies can be detected and evaluated to find the attacker.

Lecturer: Primož Bergant; Unistar PRO



Final presentation


Infobip: The Global Communications Platform for business and Lenovo used case

Lecturers: Miguel Turnbull and Sebastijan Pukljak; Infobip

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