Plastika Skaza will build its business in the PRO.Cloud’s cloud computing

Actual I.T. will implement a new business information system at Plastika Skaza and will be ensuring operations according to the most modern technological standards. Itelis will take care of the introduction of the SAP S4HANA business information system, which will operate in Unistar PRO's PRO.Cloud data center on the latest IBM Power servers, the information environment migration project is expected to be completed next year.

At Plastika Skaza, they are facing a rapid business growth, which also dictates expansion into other countries. In the desire to manage changes and connectivity and data exchange with many suppliers and customers at home and around the world better, they decided to thoroughly overhaul the business information environment. They chose SAP business software to run on IBM Power servers in Unistar PRO's advanced PRO.Cloud data center. The implementation of the existing information environment on the SAP S4HANA platform will be taken care of by the company Itelis, both companies, Itelis and Unistar, are part of the Actual I.T. Group, one of the largest system integrators in Slovenia.


"At Plastika Skaza, we want to respond to the needs of customers and the market even faster. With the planned expansion of business to other countries, we need an information environment that will cope with all current and future challenges, data and will enable the rapid introduction and adaptation of business processes. We opted for the SAP business software, which has excellent references and support in our industry, "said Mr. Bart Stegeman, CEO of Plastika Skaza d.o.o., at the signing of the contract on the implementation of the new business information system.


The SAP S4HANA business information system will enable Plastika Skaza to operate efficiently even more. With a fully integrated system and structured information on finance, resources, production, suppliers and prices all in one place, the company will gain greater efficiency of business processes, eliminating the causes of errors, advanced and customized reports and better insight into data and business, which will provide the best possible business decisions of individual employees and company management.


"The SAP S4HANA business information system will be hosted, managed and monitored in the specialized PRO.Cloud data center, which will reduce the total operating costs of the new IT environment and raise the level of security," added Mr. David Bevc, Technical Director of Unistar PRO.

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