OMNITRACKER is the first ITIL®4 certified ITSM tool worldwide

Only three weeks after the official release of the new SERVIEW certification category “Service Management Version IV”, OMNITRACKER is confirmed to be compliant with ITIL®4 in 15 of the practices it contains. This makes OMNITRACKER the first ITSM tool worldwide with ITIL®4 certification. The SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of approval confirms OMNINET's concept of continuously improving and optimizing theinteraction of all IT services of an organization.

For the award, Omninet's ITSM experts answered more than 700 questions, consisting of mandatory and optional criteria, in an assessment sheet. Afterwards, the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER proved its ITIL®4 conformity in a live demonstration. All items tested by SERVIEW were rated excellent, which is why OMNITRACKER was the first helpdesk software to be certified as ITIL®4-compliant for the tested practices.


ITIL® (“IT Infrastructure Library”) is a globally recognized best practice catalog from AXELOS, the software experts for ITSM and project management. ITIL® provides well-founded and industry-independent recommendations in the field of ITSM, and thus supports organizations of all sizes in continuously developing their (IT) service quality and designing IT processes in a goal-oriented and resource-saving manner. ITIL®4 is the latest version of the framework for helpdesk tools. It supplements and extends the existing ITIL®V3 version. In addition to the greater relevance for cloud-based software solutions, ITIL®4 focuses on a stronger practical and user orientation.



The flexible implementation of the ITIL® standards is much more important than with the previous version of ITIL®V3. The focus lies on IT service landscapes and less on detached individual processes. For users, this meansthat the software-supported service structures of an organization can be made even more customer-specificand goal-oriented. A holistic “view from above” is essential here. Only in this way, it is possible to map the customer-specific requirements for IT services even better and to develop the service value chain optimally.


Unistar PRO, as a long-standing partner of Omninet, completes its range of ITIL®4 services.


We continue to add the most advanced ITSM solutions suitable for all types of business environments to the existing range of ITIL®4 training and consultancy services we offer as an accredited ITIL®4 branch of Peoplecert and Axelos and as a highly certified ITIL®4 experts.


Unistar PRO offers its educational services under the brand PRO.akademija, of which our leading ITIL® expert Rony Plevnik is also a member.


ITIL®  is a registered  trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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