Management Tools For Mobile Devices


Citrix XenMobile

Citrix XenMobile is a solution, which takes care of the management of mobility in business environments. This is more than just a solution for the management of mobile devices as it is also responsible for the control and management of business applications for mobile platforms. IT managers are excited about Citrix XenMobile as they can finally allow clients/employees at their working place to use all those mobile devices they want, and the information environment of the enterprise will accept them and take care of the appropriate security and control of data and applications on them.


Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

The management of mobile devices in business environments becomes an even growing challenge for companies. Novell has packed solutions and tools from the field of the management of mobile devices, applications and security politics into the package ZENworks Mobile Management, which masters all dimensions of the use and management of mobile devices. Novell responds in the best possible way to the trend of wearing, usage and protection of private mobile devices for business purposes (BYOD).




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