IT Services and Cybersecurity in Coronavirus epidemic

There is an old saying »When in trouble you meet real friends« and in this critical times, we could easily convert this saying into world of business in a way »When in trouble you meet real partners«.

In Unistar PRO, Actual I.T. and PRO.astec (IT services and CyberSecurity-consulting teams) we are working hard every day of the year to differentiate from other suppliers in a way, that we offer to our customers partnership that every time is based on a win-win log term relationships. Our customer know that we will never let them down, even and specially in the times when they need us most.

Based on the happenings in the world, related to Coronavirus, we are offering and providing to our customers varies technological solutions to support “smart working” and are solving for them many others IT related questions.


The services that customers mostly request:

Outsourcing of complete work environment with (or without) pre-installed online meting solutions

Rental of Hardware and Software (laptops and Microsoft, Cisco licenses) with preinstalled online meting solutions and needed services included (installation)

161 new installations in Outsourcing of various Hardware and Software for working environment (existing and new customers)


Collaboration tools - Video conferencing and online meetings solutions

Services for main company site configuration

Services for remote client configurations 

14.000 + of new client installation for online meetings (Microsoft, Cisco)


IT maintenance and Helpdesk call center 

With many absences within companies own technical support, customer requests can be taken over by our support or Helpdesk call center

More than 10 network Firewall upgrades for increase of VPN capabilities for over 1000 concurrent users


Sale of varies HW and SW equipment for “smart working” support.

Laptops, desktops, monitor, printers, etc...

Remote connectivity tools for support

Collaboration tools 

More than 100K€ od various additional sale of HW and SW


Both Information Security & Consultancy and Customer Support departments are working in smart mode. This not only enables us to support our business and clients on the same level, but also penetrates the introduction of new/smart models of existing services.


For example, Distance learning (virtual classroom, e-learning) ... We believe now is the perfect time to promote this and we will therefore prepare a few virtual courses.


Most of projects are going forward, we have a good pipeline of external Security Assessments for which we have set up an environment for the team to work from home. Internal Security assessments have been postponed after May 1st.


Customer support is working in smart mode. This means that 50% of employees are working at home in the same way as they would do in company. Newly established telephony system enables all the smart functionalities if Virtual Customer support; call mamagement, ticket management, monitoring, reporting, escalations and routings. Yesterday, Customer Support had 790 calls (not much less that in an usual business day), and we also successfully delivered everything in smart mode by maintaining agreed service levels.

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