Free webinar: Critical infrastructure under attack?

Join us for our free webinar, Critical Infrastructure Under Attack? on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 10am CET.

In the world of industrial automation and controls, there are warning signs that 2021 may harbor another viral threat from increased cyber-security attacks. Just at the entrance to a new year we saw two huge cyber attacks that got place in national headlines – eg SolarWinds, Tampa Bay where attackers infiltrated the control network of Water Treatment and the rise of recent WestRock attack that have idled manufacturing plants. SCADA networks are no longer out of reach for attackers.


In the webinar we will be talking about cybersecurity regarding ICS systems in maritime field. We will look at different attack scenarios, recoomendations and good practices. SCADA networks are under threat from cyber-attacks just as much as any other networks but consequences can be dire as it could
bring down nation's critical infrastructures, halt business processes and much more. In the second part of the webinar we will look at how the attackers are quietly and legally gathering critical information that could allow them to further attacks.


10.00 – 10.05      Introductory speech, Mr. Rony Plevnik, PRO.astec d.o.o.
10.05 – 11.05      SCADA (ICS SYSTEMS), Mr. Adrien Osenjak, PRO.astec d.o.o.
11.05 – 11.15      Break
11.15 – 11.45      OSINT, Mr. Adrien Osenjak, PRO.astec d.o.o.


Registration for a webinar is required so we kindly ask you to apply by sending an email to until 24th of March.
Upon registration or at the latest one day in advance, we will send you an invitation with instructions on how to register for the webinar.


The webinar will be organized with the help of Cisco Webex technologies. Please note that the time of a webinar is set in Central European Summer Time
UTC+2. Timezone converter can be accessed: Please use Google Crome to connect to webinar.


Download PDF invitation

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