What will year 2021 bring us in the field of cyber threats?

We examined what threats in the field of cyber security can be expected in 2021. All global players are predicting a drastic increase in cyber attacks, and these are becoming increasingly advanced and difficult to identify. The threats were divided into five sections and are listed below:

Random infections

1. There will be fewer accidental infections, as attackers have become more focused and patient in recent years.

2. We expect an increase in specialized attacks on industrial companies.

3. This year brings an end to support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Given this, there is a high probability that a scenario similar to WannaCry will be repeated in the near future. Recently, malicious attackers have come across a piece of Windows XP source code, which can also lead to new, targeted attacks.


Ransomware attacks

1. Ransomware attacks are becoming technically more sophisticated and advanced.

2. Focus on industrial companies, as they have proven to be a »good payer« in case of data loss

3. Threat of selling stolen documents on the black market.

4. New attacks are coming that are similar to ransomware but with different targets.


Online spying

1. OT (operational technology) networks in industrial companies are less secure and consequently an excellent entry point into the company's IT network.

2. The desire of many countries for technological independence, together with global geopolitical and macroeconomic upheavals, means that the targets of the attack will include not only traditional adversaries but also tactical and strategic partners.


APT – Advanced Persistent Threat

1. An increase in hacker groups dealing with APT is expected.

2. There is great interest in industrial companies.

3. Planning for more serious threats (Stuxnet, Black Energy, Industroyer, Triton).


COVID-19 Consequences

1. The rise of cybercriminals due to job loss - people are looking for alternatives.

2. The ubiquitous presence of state, government and public services online - more opportunities for attack.

3. The security of industrial networks depends on the efficiency of the end solutions and the safety awareness of employees.

4. Reduced physical presence of people/employees,.. at the company's location means a longer response time in the event of an attack.

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