IT service management (ITSM)


IT service management (ITSM) relates to the implementation and management of high quality information technology services in the enterprise. These are usually provided by external IT service providers, such as Unistar LC. We as provider of IT services are aware that besides the quality of services, we also need to focus on the relationship with clients. Thus at Unistar we offer an excellent combination of expert knowledge, management of business processes and information technology with which the offered services will be performed in above average practice and to the absolute satisfaction of the client.

IT service management touches many areas of business informatics, like the planning of IT environments as well as back-end systems and operative processes of management with information technology. In practice it is implemented by the interaction of IT technical staff with business clients.




UNISTAR LC d.o.o., Ljubljana
Litostrojska cesta 56
1000 Ljubljana



Unistar LC d. o. o.


Tel:   +386 1 4755 502
Fax:   +386 1 4755 600

The company is registered at the District Court in Ljubljana insert number: 1/2945/00
Registration number: 5302722
Share capital: 202.003,00 EUR
account number at the Hypo Alpe- Adria -Bank dd 33000-0004645418
tax number: SI18917763
The company is taxable.

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