Unistar LC d.o.o.


Company presentation


The company Unistar LC has one of the longest traditions among the companies in the field of information technology in Slovenia, as it has been present on the domestic market since 1989. With experience, knowledge and partnership relations with international companies in the field of information technology, Unistar LC has managed to create a broad circle of satisfied customers, who have managed to build effective IT systems through our support. Today, the company Unistar LC employs more than 50 highly qualified experts from various fields of operation and management of ICT, ensuring the clients with reliable, flexible, easier accessible and safe solutions. Those ICT solutions have positive impact on business process and consequently on the business results of the clients. Our successful work leads the company Unistar LC to achieve a regular and stable annual growth. We are one of the top Slovenian providers of computer and communication equipment and of services, accompanying these activities. Our base is in Ljubljana, but we operate successfully over the entire area of Slovenia and the wider region.


Overall solutions with added value


The company Unistar LC is engaged in designing, developing, installing, maintaining and outsourcing of all kinds of ICT solutions and services. Those solutions enable our clients to achieve the best possible results in their business field. We provide these clients with overall solutions, adapted to their needs and requirements, ensuring they comply with best practices and knowledge, we connect technical and substantive knowledge into a user friendly IT environment.


The vision


Unistar LC aims to be one of the leading companies in the field of system integration. It strives to be a stable and growing business through a high level of customer satisfaction.


The mission


In the company Unistar LC we develop comprehensive solutions and services, providing for the safety, accessibility and cost-efficiency of the IT systems of our clients.


The values


Unistar LC aims to be the leading company in the field of system integration. Therefore the company is constantly developing values that define our business and problem solving with a high level of reliability. This represents the fundamental value in the company. The company is focused on developing a comprehensive set of services, in order to watch over the IT systems of our clients, to take care of their safety, accessibility and efficiency day & night. The corporate culture encourages the highest level of ambition and the proactive behaviour of our employees. A high level of innovation and numerous acquired skills distinguishes our employees. The desire for excellence at work, sovereignty and self-improvement is the key for a successful business and good work of employees. At the company Unistar LC our focus is always directed towards the benefit of our clients. The growth of the clients is also the growth of the company, as a result of mutual cooperation and trust.


The benefits


With its long presence in Slovenia the company Unistar LC ranks high among the well-established companies on the market. With it's wide range of services and solutions it provides customers with a reliable performance of IT solutions and the best possible adaptation to the needs of each company. The company's employees possess a lot of knowledge and experience, as they have already upgraded IT solutions with various financial institutions, trading companies, logistics, companies in the field of tourism, manufacturing as well as public administration companies.


Unistar LC implements and enables long-term integrated activities in the following areas:

  •  Development of comprehensive ICT (information-communication technologies) solutions – custom made, with emphasis on safety.
  • Consulting, sales, implementation and integration of information and communication technologies.
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and servicing of information and communication technologies.
  • Management of clients ICT systems on all levels (ITIL, ISO 27001).
  • Advising clients on achieving greater cost-efficiency of their IT systems (TCO, ROI).
  • The construction of a system for management of clients IT systems at the Unistar location (database center).
  • Establishment of a backup location system (setting up the environment and taking over the functions when the primary location is inactive malfunction, servicing, updating, maintenance...).
  • Obtaining a backup location (a backup location for purpose of continuous business in case of catastrophe).
  • Contingent planning – establishing of alternative location.
  • Enforcement of certification and education centre for the requirements of our partners, clients and for our own needs.
  • Supporting a wide range of partners, their equipment and solutions.



Unistar PRO team


  • Unistar Pro team of experts will help you


Unistar LC d.o.o., Ljubljana








Marko Milotič




Pavle Jazbec


Anja Božič




David Bevc



Erdis Škrgič


Tatjana Brečko Strnad



Rony Plevnik



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UNISTAR LC d.o.o., Ljubljana
Litostrojska cesta 56
1000 Ljubljana




Unistar LC d. o. o.


Tel:   +386 1 4755 502
Fax:   +386 1 4755 600

The company is registered at the District Court in Ljubljana insert number: 1/2945/00
Registration number: 5302722
Share capital: 202.003,00 EUR
account number at the Hypo Alpe- Adria -Bank dd 33000-0004645418
tax number: SI18917763
The company is taxable.

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