Port Varna, Bulgaria

Actual I.T. will develop Port Community System for Bulgarian Ports

DBA Group S.p.A., the Italian technology consultancy company specialised in network connectivity and lifecycle infrastructure management solutions, announces that through the subsidiary Actual I.T. has been signed an agreement with Bulgarian Ports Infratructure Company (the national and public port infrastructures operator) for the development and supply of a Port Community System for the Varna and Burgas Ports.

Port Burgas, Bulgaria

The value of the agreement is equal to about 4,56 million Euro and it concerns the realization of a telematic platform that will allow the exchange of information between the stakeholders involved in the logistical operations of the Bulgarian port system. The duration of the contract is 24 months. The services are:  state of affairs analysis, design and the development of a new Port Community system, IT infrastructure management and maintenance.


The contract, insert in 19-23 Business Plan, aims to expand the DBA Group presence in the foreign markets, in the critical infrastructure ICT support filed. DBA Group, through Actual Group, has supplied ICT solutions ICT for over 14 ports or operator port terminals in the Adriatic Sea, in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Caspian Sea; from today it will extend the presence also on the Black Sea.


“Thanks to this agreement DBA Group continues to work along the New Silk Road ways. This agreement is very important and valuable because it concerns the two main maritime ports of Bulgaria, already connected to the Georgian ports of Poti and Batumi, and with the port of Alat in Azerbaijan by rail. We are involved in the infrastructures digitization processes that allows access to the internal markets of the EU, Russia and the Middle East and vice versa. This kind of agreement instils trusting during this difficult economic period due to Covid-19 pandemia. - said Francesco De Bettin, Chairman of DBA Group.


Gregor Veselko, President of the Management Board, Actual I.T. d.d.At this occasion Gregor Veselko, President of the Management Board Actual I.T. said: “This is one of the biggest successes of our group in the last few years. With this project, we are entering the Black Sea area, thus implementing a strategy that we have outlined in the field of information technology for logistics systems and critical infrastructures. This is proof that we are doing well, that our products are of high quality, that we have excellent people and that we are therefore recognized on the market. We must not stop now. It took us a while to get that status, but now the hard part comes when maintaining that status.”



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